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Dad Hackers: Becoming the Men God Designed Us to Be

Mar 25, 2019

     Fellas, we’ve hit a milestone today. Episode #50! I can’t believe that we’re already 50 episodes into the podcast. It’s been an amazing ride so far. I know I’ve personally benefited a TON from the different interviews and guests we’ve had on the show. And based on the feedback I’ve received from you...

Mar 18, 2019

Episode #49 How to Stick To Your Budget, Conquer Debt, And Honor God With Your Finances with Bruce Ammons

One of the big areas of stress in your life probably has to deal with finances in one way or another.

Maybe you have a hard time sticking to a budget? (Or just creating one in the first place)

Maybe you have an...

Mar 11, 2019

Episode #48 How to Raise Faithful Men with Charles Hooper.

Fellas, one thing that comes up again and again when guys request to join our private facebook group is this fear that our kids won’t grow up to be faithful to the lord. Especially our boys. Men, we know what it’s like to grow up in this fallen and sinful...

Mar 4, 2019

Fellas, one thing that’s inevitable in this fallen and sinful world is that at some point you will experience a tragic loss in your life. Perhaps you’re going through one right now or have gone through one in the past. The pain and difficulty of that loss can seem unbearable and in some ways you’re never quite the...