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Dad Hackers: Becoming the Men God Designed Us to Be

Feb 25, 2019

Men, often times we try so hard to become the husband and father that God has called and created us to be. It can be frustrating at times when our progress and improvement doesn't seem to line up with our efforts and intentions.

The solution, however, isn't always to buckle down and try harder. And you certainly don't...

Feb 18, 2019

Most men want to make sure that their boys grow into strong, healthy, Christ-following adults. And while this desire exists, many of us don't know what specific steps to take to make this happen. This is especially true for those of us who didn't have a strong father-figure in our lives, or whose fathers weren't...

Feb 11, 2019

A question that we often ask ourselves is, "What makes a great dad?"
At the end of almost every episode I ask this question of my guests.
Today's episode is a compilation of 10 of those answers.
Check out the show notes for links to the full episode from each of these 10 guests:

Feb 4, 2019

No guest today, just me giving you some updates about Dad Hackers.

We've been at it for just over a year now and I thought it would be good to have an episode where I looked back over the past year or so. Also, I've been getting some questions about various topics and I cover some of those in this episode.

Shownotes can...